Free the Garde!

Biere de Garde

Batch size: 23L
OG: 1.063
FG: 1.008
IBU: 25
ABV: 7.2%

Brewer: Ben Lester


Biere de Garde

Won 2nd place in the Belgian Ales category BrewCon 2019.
Single infusion mash for 60 minutes @ 65oC
Carbonate to 2.4 vols CO2


Malt Amount Percent
Pale Ale 4kg 61%
Vienna 1.5kg 23%
Aromatic 500g 8%
Victory 500g 8%


Hop AA% Amount Minutes
Brewers Gold 7 33g 60
Strisslespalt 4 25g 5
Strisslespalt 4 25g 0

Yeast: Mangrove Jacks M29 French Saison
Hold at 22oC for 14 days, then crash chill and bottle.


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