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Welcome to Worcestershire HomeBrew Club!

Worcestershire HomeBrew Club is the only place in the county where you can brew beer, talk beer and drink beer with like-minded individuals.

The club was set-up in January 2017 to allow local home brewers to meet to talk more about their hobby, and to share the beers they have brewed.

The club is run by its members with no committee controlling how the club operates, we feel that this less formal approach is better suited to home brewing beer which, after all, is a pretty chilled out hobby.

We meet once a month, usually in the 3rd week of the month, and we have a number of venues we use for meets within Worcester city centre, keep an eye on our events calendar to find out about the next meet.

Through the year we also hold some social events like hop farm walks and brewery tours as well as some brewing tasks for members, for example comparison brewing, where we brew similar beers to compare one variable.

So if you live within or are local to Worcestershire and you home brew or are interested in home brewing, then Contact Us and we shall let you have a few more details about the club.

Happy Home Brewing!

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