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Our Members

Dan Walters

Brewing since:2016, All Grain since 2017
Joined WHBC:January 2017
Favourite Styles:Stout & American IPA
Brew day kit:2 vessel Brew-in-a-Bag
FVs:Anvil Stainless Steel

Craig Arnold

Brewing since:All grain 2017
Joined WHBC:January 2018
Favourite Styles:Belgian ales, German Lagers and NEIPAs
Brew day kit:Hopcat all-in-one with separate HLT
FVs:SS Brewtech 7g Chronical with glycol chiller

Chris Rees

Brewing since:All grain 2018
Joined WHBC:January 2017
Favourite Styles:Brut, bitter
Brew day kit:Klarstein all-in-one
FVs:Plastic bucket

Martin Cullwick

Brewing since:2013
Joined WHBC:January 2017
Favourite Styles:IPA, Xmas Ale
Brew day kit:3no.Burco boilers extended up to 80ltr max
FVs:60 ltr plastic with lid. Cooling, 10m x 10mm reverse flow

Ben Lester

Brewing since:September 2017
Joined WHBC:February 2018
Favourite Styles:Saisons, American IPAs, Best Bitters, but enjoy trying anything
Brew day kit:3-vessel system, converted cool box mashtun, Peco electric kettle
FVs:Plastic buckets

Martin Lewis

Brewing since:January 2018
Joined WHBC:November 2018
Favourite Styles:Porter, Farmhouse, Sours, Brett, Nettle, Cucumber, Elderflower
Brew day kit:Converted cool box, 55 litre stainless boiler
FVs:25 litre plastic buckets – fermentation fridge

Dave Cutler

Brewing since:2009 with a few kits, then a pause, all grain since 2016
Joined WHBC:January 2017
Favourite Styles:Hefeweizen, Stout, IPAs, Belgian – most really, just not with coffee
Brew day kit:3 vessel HERMS – continuously evolving
FVs:Polsinelli Stainless Steel & fermentation chamber

John Stanley

Brewing since:February 2016
Joined WHBC:January 2017
Favourite Styles:New England IPA, West Coast IPA, Imperial stout, Czech pilsner
Brew day kit:Grainfather G30 Connect 220v
FVs:2x Grainfather conical fermenters with glycol chiller

Stephen Bevan

Brewing since:2013
Joined WHBC:2019
Favourite Styles:Wheat beers and dark beers
Brew day kit:Brewzilla 35l
FVs:SS Brewtech Chronical

Richard Wilkes

Brewing since:2016, all grain 2017
Joined WHBC:2019
Favourite Styles:NEIPA, American Pale Ales and Sweet Stouts
Brew day kit:3 Vessel, Single Infusion SS Brewtech Mash tun and plate chiller.
FVs:SS Brewtech Brewbucket & plastic buckets

Virtual Kev

One quarter of 4 Chaps Brewery, Instagram @4chapsbrewery

Brewing since:February 2020
Joined WHBC:April 2020
Favourite Styles:American Pale Ales and IPAs
Brew day kit:Grainfather 30L
FVs:30L plastic buckets & 2 ferm fridges

Chris Wooffindin

Brewing since:All grain January 2018
Joined WHBC:January 2019
Favourite Styles:Hoppy Pale Ales, stout and anything on cask
Brew day kit:Converted 40L Burco urn with homemade controller
FVs:SS Brewtech conical fermenter

Stuart Horsfall

Brewing since:All grain 2015
Joined WHBC:January 2016
Favourite Styles:Stout, ESB, base beers
Brew day kit:Grainfather
FVs:Mangrove Jacks SS fermenter

BJCP Judges

We run training courses over the year for members that wish to become official BJCP ranked judges.

MemberRankHeld Since
Craig ArnoldCertifiedDecember 2019
Dan WaltersCertifiedJanuary 2020
Dave CutlerCertifiedJanuary 2020
John StanleyRecognisedSeptember 2019
Thomas BraceRecognisedSeptember 2019
Ben LesterRecognisedSeptember 2019
Aaron BushellRecognisedSeptember 2019
Lee BushellRecognisedSeptember 2019