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May 28, 2020, 08:05:50 PM


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Dan's Session IPA V3 Review
« on: May 28, 2020, 08:05:50 PM »

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a review, a long time since I’ve use the forum at all to be honest with the modern world of Facebook and Twitter. But this is where my association with WHBC began, how I discovered the club and interacted with with you lot in the beginning so in these strange time of zoom pub clubs and Teams ‘coffee and catchup’ meetings I thought I’d go old school.

In fact I was in one such Teams work meeting just after lunch today when a heroic delivery driver (insert rainbow here) turned up with a parcel, odd, I wasn’t expecting anything today. The ‘banter’ in the address label suggested it wasn’t a online order and a cursory shake of the mystery box suggested bottles, filled with a liquid......it couldn’t be could it....... Surprise beer??

The package was opened quickly and to my utter delight I found within, three bottles of Homebrew from WHBC legend and good friend Dan Walters. A surprise Covid Care package! Honestly, I was made up! Beers were quickly stowed in the appropriate places, IPA’s in the fridge and the Milk Stout in the cupboard. The work progressed painfully and at 4:30pm I closed the laptop lid and went for a blast on the pushbike. Exercise done, I needed to re-hydrate. Dans words of “They’re bottled off the keg and the IPAs will be best fresh mate” were ringing in my head so I reached for the ‘It’s Yer Money I’m After V3.0” Session IPA and sat in the sun.

Upon opening there were a satisfying hiss (all fears about  bottling off the keg banished for another day), and the beer poured a wonderful golden straw, with a big white fluffy head. So far so good.

The label promised “a beer that quenches your thirst as your first beer after a tough days work” and also an “adjusted ratio of Sulphate:Chloride in our brewing liquor of 2:3”………now Dan knows I am a sucker for a 2:3 ratio, so now I was really salivating.

A big sniff and I was getting aromas of fresh white bread crusts from the malt and bags of peach and stone fruit from the American hops. I cannot wait any longer, in for the taste. Bam…..there’s those American hops again, more grapefruity on the taste but still a little stone fruit in the background. And the malt is still contributing too, again a white bready flavour, but with a bit of sweetness too. Not a caramel sweetness, but more like the bready taste is edging in to brioche territory. Brioche for a burger bun, a big no no for me, but brioche malt flavour in my Session IPA, oh yeeees!!

The heads still there by the way, thinned to a cap but still there and lacing.

A couple of sips in and as I was getting used to the beer I did detect a very slight pear drop type flavour. Could it be esters from the yeast? Could it just be the way I was interpreting the big hop hit? Or could it be something technical about the process? Who knows, and does it matter, I had to really focus to detect it and it didn’t detract from the beer one bit.

The rest of the beer was enjoyed very much, and quite swiftly. I did need to re-hydrate after all. And at 3.8% why not crush it quickly and reach for another…….except he only sent me one ☹

By the bottom of the glass that pear drop flavour had gone, had I made it up, had I tuned it out, was it just in keeping with the beer and the style? I don’t know the answer to that but one thing I do know is this is one great quaffable session IPA and I cannot wait to try V4.0.
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Re: Dan's Session IPA V3 Review
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2020, 10:56:21 PM »
Thanks Ben, glad you enjoyed the beer.

With this version I am now happy with the grist and the water profile and so want to play around with some different hops now for the next iteration. I used Mangrove Jacks California Lager yeast for this one as I heard it helps to make the hops pop, not sure I noticed much difference from it to be honest.

The biggest plus point on v3 is the sulphate:chloride water ratio, makes a massive difference to the mouthfeel.

It's a great beer to have on tap because, like you say, at 3.8% it isn't going to do much harm.

Keep an eye out for v4 coming to a delivery driver soon  ;D


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